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Who are we?

Picos de Aventura, created in 2002, is currently one of the oldest and most experienced tourist entertainment companies in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, operating in São Miguel and Terceira Island. We offer a variety of activities at sea and on land, which allow you to enjoy pure nature, unique landscapes and the incomparable beauty that the Azores are so renowned for. Our experiences are always carried out in total safety, and with total respect for the surrounding environment. We have a properly qualified, professional, experienced team, with certified quality standards, who work daily to provide you with truly unforgettable memories and authentic experiences, in contact with the people, culture and tradition of our volcanic islands.

Our Mission

We distinguish ourselves by carrying out maritime and land activities with small groups of visitors, in order to provide more versatile and personalized services and to allow the creation of tailor made itineraries, without harming the places where these activities take place. The sustainability of the Azores Region is integrated into our operation, as we are committed to finding a balance between what we do and what we preserve. Our activities are always carried out with the utmost responsibility, respect and consideration for Mother Nature and all that it represents. This commitment extends to various scientific, social and cultural projects in which we are involved, such as Biotalks and Picoslogy, which allow us to make our contribution and appeal to society for the importance of preserving and conserving the environment.

Our Team:

Come get to know us!

Tiago Botelho

Comercial / Land Activities Coordinator

Pedro Miguel Silva

Sea Activities Coordinator

Leandro Silva

Bookings Department Coordinator

Liliana Ávila

Sales Assistant

Gonçalo Lopes

Sales Assistant

Luís Botelho

Nature Guide

Hugo Duarte

Nature Guide

Leandro Melo

Nature Guide

Eduardo Castello

Nature Guide

Rodrigo Cabral


Ana Castanheira


Ricardo Pacheco


Pedro Alves

Biologist / Spotter

Natália Perez


Nicole Aguiar


Luis Marcelo Ghiano


Our Fleet

All of our vessels

Ilhas de Bruma

Catamaran - São Miguel


Zodiac - São Miguel


Fiber Glass Boat - São Miguel


Zodiac - São Miguel

Gonçalo Velho

Zodiac - São Miguel


Zodiac - São Miguel

Our vehicles

Ford Transit Custom

Our equipments

Scott Reflex 40

Dag Sit on Top Tribal