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Exciting experiences in the Azorean Sea


Did you know that the Azores are considered one of the largest cetacean sanctuaries in the world? Throughout the year it is possible to see about 27 different species of animals. Several species of whales, sperm whales and dolphins live here. Our sea activities are always carried out with respect for animals and the surrounding environment and in the company of a professional team of biologists, skippers and lookouts. Our success rate for sightings per exit is 99%.

Observação de Baleias e Golfinhos

Whale Watching

From 65€ per adult

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Natação com Golfinhos

Swimming with Dolphins

From 80€ per Adult

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Experiência de Mar

Sea Experience

A partir de 205€ por adulto

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Dive with us in the deep blue sea of ​​the Azores, rich in biodiversity and wild nature. Venture out and imagine yourself being side by side, floating in our vast ocean, surrounded by a group of dolphins and admiring all the surrounding nature.

The Azorean sea is also a scenario of choice for big game fishing enthusiasts, a challenge for sport fishermen who can catch a marlin, shark or tuna.


Snorkeling in Terceira

From 35€ per adult

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Mergulho em Ponta Delgada

Diving in Ponta Delgada

A partir de 55€ adulto

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Pesca Desportiva

Sport-Fishing in Ponta Delgada

A partir de 400€

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