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The best adventures in the nature of the Azores


Are you an adventurous person? Then the Azores is the place for you! With us and through our land activities, you can enjoy a lot of fun moments, adrenaline and strong emotions. Combine all this with the exuberant nature that surrounds you... Imagine yourself surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, majestic lagoons, hills and valleys. Do you accept the challenge?


Canyoning in São Miguel

From 65€ per adult

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Atividades Em São Miguel E Terceira

Special Offers in São Miguel and Terceira

A partir de 85€ por adulto

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BTT Tours - São Miguel

From 35€ per adult

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The great adventure of your trip to the Azores begins with the discovery of the stunning nature that surrounds us! Here the green of our landscapes and the deep blue sea, come together in perfect communion, creating breath-taking scenarios that beg to be explored. Imagine yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the world, with magical landscapes shaped by dormant volcanoes, where the air you breathe is pure and fresh. Come and discover the best of the Azores with us!

Passeios Pedestres

Hiking Tours

From 25 € per adult

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Canoeing in Lagoa das Furnas

From 30 € per adult

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Mystic Furnas Nature Tour

From 75 € per adult

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Our tours allow you to leave the conventional roads and explore the interior of our islands, as well as discover and explore every bit of nature that is to be seen from a different perspective. The volcanic landscapes of the Azores are capable of taking your breath away and are distinguished by being unique in the world. Come and live an adventure with us, get to know the beautiful Azorean natural heritage with those who best know how to share all the facts and secrets of more than 5 centuries of history and tradition.

Jeep Tours

Jeep Tours in São Miguel

From 40 € per adult

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Van Tours

Van Tours

A partir de 45€ por adulto

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Passeio a Cavalo

Horseback Riding Tour in São Miguel

65€ por adulto

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