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Observação de Baleias e Golfinhos

Whale Watching

A partir de 65€ por adulto

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Natação com Golfinhos

Swimming with Dolphins

A partir de 80€ por Adulto

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Experiência de Mar

Sea Experience

A partir de 150€ por adulto

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Snorkeling in Terceira

A partir de 35€ por adulto

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Canyoning in São Miguel

A partir de 60€ por adulto

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Passeios Pedestres

Hiking Tours

From 25 € per adult

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Van Tours

Van Tours

From 40 € per adult

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Mystic Furnas Nature Tour

From 70 € per adult

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When there is a need to understand a little more about the behavior and ecology of a species, it’s extremely important to be able to identify the different individuals of a certain group. Photo identification (or photo-ID) emerges to solve this problem.

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