Marine litter: Another resident species!

Artigo Lixo Marinho Outra Espécie Residente
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The marine litter

Marine litter is a global problem, which has environmental, aesthetic and economic consequences. One of the consequences is for the animals that inhabit the marine environment. These can:

  • become trapped in garbage, such as in fishing nets. When drifting, these can cause suffering, severe deformations and even death;
  • mistaking garbage for food, which can cause digestive problems or even death. For example, turtles mistake plastic bags for their prey, jellyfish.
    Lixo Marinho e Cachalote
    Curious sperm whale with a ghost fishing net. We managed to collect it in time. Photography: Leire Lopetegui

    The amount of marine litter that exists is difficult to quantify because we only see what is on the surface. In addition to the garbage that is found on the seabed, there is also the one we cannot see, which are microplastics. These are the result of the decomposition of plastic, which remains in the marine environment and which can enter the food chain of many animals.

    The solution to this problem mainly involves prevention, that is, applying the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to the maximum, so that our waste does not end up in the sea.

    Here at Picos de Aventura, we do our part! We try to make our customers aware of this problem and, whenever possible, we collect all the garbage that we find on our tours!

                                                   Lixo Marinho
    Pallet we found dolphins playing with. Fortunately, we were also able to collect it.

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