Artigo Pradarias Marinhas

Marine Prairies

Have you ever heard of marine prairies? Do you know how important they are? Sea grass beds or sea grass meadows, as the name implies, are formed by one or more species of sea grasses (Figure 1), which can form a... Read More

Artigo Cavalos Marinhos


Learn a little more about this interesting species. In Greek mythology, there was already talk of a sea monster, which was half fish, half horse and whose name was Hippocampus (Figure 1) ... Read More

Artigo Projeto Moniceph

Moniceph Project

Today we are going to introduce the most recent project that Picos de Aventura is pleased to collaborate with – the Moniceph Project. The researcher of this project, Stephanie Suciu, in collaboration with the University of the Azores, is… Read More

Artigo Baleia de Bico de Blainville

Blainville's Beaked Whale

This week we had a sighting that we'd like to talk a little more about: we saw Blainville's Beaked Whales (Mesoplodon densirostris). Illustration of male (top) and female (bottom) of Blainville's Beaked Whale. ... Read More

Artigo Baleias de Barbas

The case of the Bearded Whales

It's time for Bearded Whales to pass through the Azores! However, there are still several details that leave us intrigued with regard to the identification of these cetaceans (bearded whales). One of these intriguing details is the similarities between the Whales… Read More

Artigo A Importância Ecológica do Ilhéu das Cabras

The ecological importance of Ilhéus das Cabras

One of the places where we like to take our visitors on Terceira Island is to Ilhéus das Cabras. These islets are located in the direction of the parish of Feteira and have a total area of 29 ha, making them the largest islets … Read More

Artigo Golfinhos Roazes

Bottlenose dolphins

Facts about Bottlenose Dolphins Bottlenose dolphins are one of our 4 cetacean species residing in the Azores. That's why we can see these dolphins all year round. They are very social animals and live in groups that… Read More

Artigo Novo Projecto – Observação de Aves Marinhas em São Miguel

New Project – Seabird Observation in São Miguel

Watching seabirds in São Miguel October 3, 2018 – Start of work During the month of October, some species of seabirds begin to prepare for their migrations. That's why we decided to start... Read More


Striped Dolphins

Striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) and their babies are everywhere! Over the past few weeks, we've seen these fast swimmers a little more often than usual, with 3 sightings in August and 4 in September. They are very… Read More

Artigo Projeto Moniceph

The magic of the Azores waters

The magic of the waters of the Azores: For some time now, the Azores have been recognized as one of the best destinations in Europe for the observation of cetaceans and other animals. In addition to … Read More