3 trails to enjoy the nature of the Azores

3 trilhos para apreciar a natureza dos Açores
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Would you like to venture into the unique and green landscapes shaped by the volcanoes of the Azores? Discover the three trails that you can not miss on your visit to São Miguel Island.

1 – Trilho da Praia – Lagoa do Fogo

The Praia - Lagoa do Fogo trail is a true secret of nature waiting to be explored by you. It is a popular spot for travelers and locals to experience the natural beauty of the volcanic crater whose lagoon water is a stunning emerald green.

Enjoying the view of Lagoa do Fogo from the viewpoint is extraordinary, but going down there and observing the beach up close is an experience not to be missed.

During the trail you can admire the endemic vegetation among the unpaved paths, cultivated fields and pastures. Here, you will also pass by the ruins of an old factory on the island.

The high point of the trail is the arrival at the lake, after passing through an area of springs. There, you will feel the pure nature and the wonderful silence of the place. Prepare to be enchanted.

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2 – Trilho do Sanguinho

The Sanguinho trail starts and ends in the small parish of Faial da Terra and allows you to enjoy nature in its purest state.

After walking along a paved road, the trail begins to become more involved in nature. You will walk along a dirt path alongside the bank of a stream. The vegetation starts to get denser as you progress.

The trail, with a duration of about 3 and a half hours, goes towards the Cascata do Salto do Prego. This is the place! It is a beautiful waterfall inside the forest, surrounded by rocks and wild scenery. At this point, you can rest for a while and take a dip in its chilled waters.

Along the trail you can appreciate the endemic vegetation of the archipelago, and several orchards, some of which still belong to families who live in the parish.

O caminho deste trilho possui pedra de calçada, pontes de madeira, degraus e um grau de inclinação elevado. O piso pode ser escorregadio.  Tem um grau de dificuldade médio, mas vale totalmente a pena!

Explores the Azores nature with us here. here.

3 – Trilho da Serra Devassa

The Serra Devassa trail allows you to explore the top of a mountain and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the central part of São Miguel island: the pico´s volcanic complex.

It is part of a protected area and is a small circular route that allows you to walk among small lakes and volcanic cones.

It starts in the car park opposite the Parque Florestal da Mata do Canário. Along the trail you can see several lagoons, namely: Lagoa do Pau Pique, Lagoa da Égua and Lagoa Rasa. You can also see the old Aqueduct of Nove Janelas and various wetlands. After crossing a forest of cryptomeria you will reach Lagoa das Empadadas.

Along the way, it may be possible to observe and listen to birds such as the Chaffinch, the Blackbird or the Milhafre.

Explores the Azores nature with us here. here.

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