Adventure Programs

Mystic Furnas

What we propose in this adventure is to visist, explore, know and be amazed with vulcanic phenomena , presentes em todo o vale encantado das Furnas. Go for a bike ride in dirt tracks, feel the grandeur of being in the middle of a pond flanked by green hills, venture out to discover the alleys and romantic gardens paths from . XVIII e tome banho em piscinas de água termal. Anywhere, it will always be the smell of fumaroles, the colors of the gardens and the dormant volcano beating.

São Miguel Island

Westside Experience

The west side of the island of São Miguel is dominated by the largest lagoon of our island, whose waters of blue and green tones gave rise to many legends and stories, a scenario that also impressed by the grandeur of the cliffs that surround it. It is at this stage that unfold our activities BTT, with different degrees of difficulty. We offer you also discover the coastal area of Ferraria, also in west, where we find a climbing wall that challenges your skill and courage. If you prefer, the SPA of the Smithy spa and the natural pool of warm water in the sea are a more relaxing option, but equally rewarding.

São Miguel Island

Sea and Land

Our sea and land activities are designed to help you make your day to know the secrets of the North Atlantic biodiversity and discover the ways and lesser-known corners of our island. The combination of green landscapes that merges with the blue sky and sea, always with great adventure and fun.

São Miguel Island