Groups and Incentives


Picos de Aventura as careful attention with groups due to the logistics of maintaining a united and cohesive group complying with the requirements and limitations of each activity in order to provide the quality of service and fellowship among members of the group. We consider a group if are more than 10 people.

Some groups we have worked:
- Friends;
- Schools;
- Universities;
- Famtrips;
- Sports teams;
- Cultural;

We organize activity programs for groups based on customer preferences, resulting in unique experiences. Cultural programs, adventurers or even more centered on a relaxing experience, the company produces the perfect set of activities to enjoy to the most of the Azores.


Incentives are a motivational process, normally represented by a trip. They are mostly used by organizations to reward their employees, which by their performance capability, revealed productivity and achieve the goals set by the institution.

These events can have a leisure component, or training, and develop certain specific values:
- Team spirit;
- Competitiveness;
- Leadership;
- Cooperation;
- Communication;
- Iniciative;
- Company culture;
- Interpersonal relationship.

Incentives can include several components, like activities of "team building", orientation, transposition of obstacles and cultural heritage, matched according to the characteristics of each group.