São Miguel Winter Special: Unmissable activities

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During winter, take the opportunity to explore the pure and unique nature of Ilha Verde through exciting activities! Live new experiences with us.

1 - Canyoning in Ribeira dos Caldeirões with Terra Nostra Park

One of our proposals to enjoy winter in São Miguel is with the Canyoning activity in Ribeira dos Caldeirões and Parque Terra Nostra. We suggest you combine cold and hot, a truly memorable experience!

With the Canyoning activity you can have the opportunity to walk in the water, challenge waterfalls using rope techniques, jump into pools of translucent water and slide between rocks shaped by the flow of the river. After all this adrenaline, you can taste the traditional Furnas stew cooked in the boilers and relax in the thermal waters of the Terra Nostra botanical garden!

The canyoning activity begins with a journey of around 40 minutes to the Northeast, passing through the only commercial tea plantations in Europe. Arriving at Ribeira dos Caldeirões Park, the canyoning activity begins with the distribution of equipment to participants, followed by a short walk of around 20 minutes, until the entrance to the section of the river, where the safety briefing takes place. During the canyoning route there are vertical obstacles (waterfalls) which must be crossed using the abseiling technique (largest waterfall measuring 8 meters) and jumping, alternating with small sections of walking and a more playful area (slide/toboggan and a jump). approximately 4 meters high).

At the end of the activity we continue to Vale das Furnas for around 20 minutes. We stopped at a local restaurant where we enjoyed a typical lunch cooked inside the boilers, the traditional and famous Cozido das Furnas. After lunch, follow the visit to Parque Terra Nostra. Here you can find several species of vegetation from all over the world. After this tour, participants can enjoy relaxing in the hot springs. Finally, we return to Ponta Delgada, along the south coast, for around 40 minutes.

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2 - Walking Tour through Janela do Inferno with Caldeira Velha

Another activity to do during winter on Ilha Verde is the walking tour through Janela do Inferno and visit to Caldeira Velha. With this experience we promise to immerse you in the green nature of São Miguel.

What are the highlights of this activity? Now the trail through Janela do Inferno and the story about collecting water and transporting it to the cities of Ponta Delgada and Lagoa. Pico da Barrosa and the view of the emblematic Lagoa do Fogo, if the weather conditions are favorable. And, also, the thermal baths in the Caldeira Velha natural monument.

The activity begins when we leave Ponta Delgada towards the parish of Remédios-Lagoa, where we begin the walk. After the start, we pass through areas where we cross a tunnel, to come across a total change of scenery, where the vegetation becomes denser and more verdant. Next, we arrive at the Janela do Inferno waterfall, where you can contemplate its uniqueness, as well as observe the water catchment areas that fed the cities of Ponta Delgada and Lagoa.

After this, we follow the trail until the end, passing through some more tunnels and bridges that will take us to pastures, until we reach the dirt path that extends to the end of the walk, with views over the south coast. After finishing the walk, we break for lunch and then climb the Serra de Água de Pau, until we reach the top of the mountain where you can see the stunning Lagoa do Fogo, depending on the weather conditions.

After starting the descent to the north coast of the island, we stopped at the Caldeira Velha Natural Monument to visit the site and enjoy the thermal baths in its waters. After finishing the visit, we returned to Ponta Delgada along the north coast.

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3 - City Tour in Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande

From the South to the North of São Miguel, we propose city tours in Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande. An excellent activity to do in winter.

The activity consists of a walk along Avenida Marginal along the Atlantic Ocean and discovering the history of the emblematic monuments of the city of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande. Includes visits to Mercado da Graça, the viewpoint over the city of Ponta Delgada from the Mother of God Church and the Emigration Museum. In Ribeira Grande, it includes a visit to the coastal area and surfers beach and a visit to the Arquipélago - Center for Contemporary Arts.

The activity begins on the main avenue until the city center where we will discover our monuments and their history that characterize our city and our people. The tour continues towards Campo de São Francisco where the festivities of Sr. Santo Cristo dos Milagres (2nd largest religious festival in the country) take place.

Here we also find the Fort of São Brás, the statue of the Emigrant, the Church of São José and the Convento da Esperança. We then headed towards Mercado da Graça where we found regional products, from pineapple to cheese. After this we walk to the top of the top of the mother of god, where we will have a view over the city and also the local hermitage.

Finally, we will stop to taste some of the local products. After that, we continue by car to the city of Ribeira Grande where we will stop first at the Ribeira Seca fountain, then we will continue to Arquipélago - Center for contemporary arts, then passing to the palheiro viewpoint where we will continue on foot to the historic center da Ribeira Grande and its municipal garden. Here we will have the opportunity to see several historical landmarks of this city, as well as some stops to try some of the local products (liqueurs and chocolate). We also pass by the emigration museum and the surfers' beach before returning to Ponta Delgada, taking the regional road where it will be possible to see the old airport.

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