Terra Nostra Park: A mystical place

Parque Terra Nostra
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On São Miguel Island, in the heart of the mystical Vale das Furnas, is located one of the island's main attractions: Terra Nostra Park.

The park

In the parish of Furnas is located one of the most unmissable tourist attractions on the Island of São Miguel and also in the Azores: Terra Nostra Park. This Park has historical roots that date back to the 18th century. The gardens were created by the United States consul in São Miguel, Thomas Hickling, who fell in love with the beauty of the island and decided to transform part of the landscape of the Furnas valley landscape into an authentic botanical paradise.

The Botanical Garden

Currently, in this bicentenary park, you can find endemic flora from the Azores, as well as several plants native to countries with climates different from those found in the parish of Furnas. At Terra Nostra Park you have the opportunity to discover an incredible variety of exotic plants and ancient trees. Among the species you can find are camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and giant bamboos. Each season brings something new to the park, making it an attraction that can be visited year-round.

Thermal waters

Terra Nostra Park has a large outdoor thermal pool and two outdoor jacuzzis. The waters of these iron thermal pools are between 35ºC and 40ºC. Its waters, rich in iron and other minerals beneficial to the skin, are ideal for relaxing both the body and mind. Certainly, bathing in these thermal pools is a unique and special experience, in a relaxing environment and nature setting.

Entrance to the park is not free, so you must purchase your ticket at the local ticket office.

Our activities

You can get to know Terra Nostra Park with us through one of our combined activities, such as canoeing and the Park or a bike ride and the Park.

In the combined canoeing and Terra Nostra Park activity, you have the opportunity to canoe in Lagoa das Furnas and take the opportunity to appreciate the huge crater of one of the volcanoes that formed the Island of São Miguel. The activity also includes lunch, where you can enjoy the traditional Cozido das Caldeiras das Furnas. After lunch, follow the visit to Parque Terra Park. On site you can stroll through the botanical garden and bathe in the iron thermal waters. Book your activity with us here.

The combined cycling and Terra Nostra activity begins with the cycling tour, essentially around Lagoa das Furnas. The route begins in the caldera area, then follows the dirt road that surrounds the lagoon. Our bike tour continues through the Lombo dos Milhos area, where you can enjoy the surrounding landscape and pastures. After this tour, lunch follows to taste the Cozido das Caldeiras das Furnas and a walk through Terra Nostra Park and a bath in the thermal waters. Book your activity with us here.

Any of these activities includes a fantastic lunch where you will taste the much-loved and traditional Cozido das Furnas. 

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