Nordeste: the best in the county

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Nordeste, in São Miguel, is one of the most beautiful and special places to visit on the island. The county owns beautiful nature, a land of peace and quietness.

The Nordeste Village

Your visit should start in Nordeste Village. It is in this small village that the municipality's most valuable historical and architectural heritage is located. One of the most beautiful places in the Village and the Azores is the Ponte dos 7 Arcos. This Bridge dates back to the 19th century, having been built between 1882 and 1883. At night, the lamps on the Bridge are lit and it seems that we are transported to that century. The Igreja Matriz de São Jorge, the Christian church in the Village, is a building from the 15th century.

The famous Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park

One of the most famous and sought after places in the Nordeste is the Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park. The place is of unparalleled beauty, peace and nature. What stands out is the wonderful flora, a wide variety of Macaronesian flora and the Laurel Forest, with large tree ferns. On site there are still cryptomerias and hydrangeas, an incredible waterfall and several other smaller waterfalls. In the Park you can see and visit water mills, old miller's houses, an Ethnographic Museum and a Tourist Office. It has a snack bar and picnic areas.

The Viewpoints

The municipality of Nordeste offers wonderful viewpoints with breathtaking views. Don't miss the Ponta do Sossego Viewpoint, in Lomba da Pedreira. In addition to the incredible view over the coast, Fajã do Araújo and Praia do Lombo Gordo, the best thing about this spot are the gardens. Its gardens have a diversity of flowers and flower beds, which are maintained throughout the year. There are spaces for picnics and barbecues on site.

The Ponta da Madrugada Viewpoint is another unmissable viewpoint in the Nordeste. Overlooking Serra da Tronqueira, this is the best spot to watch the sunrise on the island. On site there are also leisure and picnic areas, surrounded by colorful gardens.

The Vigia das Baleias Viewpoint is also worth a visit in the municipality of Nordeste. Located in the parish of Algarvia, in the past it was a place with a whale watch lookout post. On site you will find a reproduction of an old lookout post and a niche in homage to Our Lady of Fátima. From this viewpoint, the view over the sea and the north coast of the island of São Miguel is superb. The viewpoint has an area for picnics, barbecue and toilet facilities.

The 1st lighthouse in the Azores

Don't miss the visit to Farol do Arnel, located in Ponta do Arnel. This was the first lighthouse to be implemented in the Autonomous Region of the Azores in 1876. This lighthouse is considered a landmark in the heritage of the municipality of Nordeste. There you cand find a permanent exhibition on the lighthouses of the entire Azores archipelago.

To refresh

The Bathing Area of Foz da Ribeira can also be a place to visit in the Nordeste. The on-site swimming pool is salt water. You can access it by car through the village or on foot, through the parish of Lomba da Fazenda.

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