Furnas: the magic valley

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Furnas, on the island of São Miguel, is a place of excellence on several levels. It's the perfect place to relax and connect with nature. Get to know it with us.

Thermal Paradise

Furnas are home to boilers and fumaroles. Therefore, we can say that the place is a true thermal paradise and a refuge for those who seek to relax the body and the mind.

One of the most famous places in Furnas to bathe in hot thermal waters is Poça da Dona Beija. This is a well-kept and beautiful space, surrounded by nature and endemic vegetation, where you can enjoy several thermal pools. Its iron waters are around 39ºC. It is a great place to relax with family, friends or as a couple. All ages are welcome. Entrance to the space is not free, so you must purchase your ticket at the local ticket office. You can count on various infrastructures and services on site, such as a souvenir shop that sells various regional products, locker rental, changing rooms and bathrooms.

Another thermal space that you shouldn't miss in Furnas is Terra Nostra Park. This park has a large outdoor thermal pool and two outdoor jacuzzis. Terra Nostra Park is a large bicentennial park. It is a botanical garden that dates back to the time when oranges were exported from the Azores. The waters of the iron thermal pools are between 35ºC and 40ºC. Very appetizing and perfect temperatures to relax both body and mind. Entrance to the park is not free, so you must purchase your ticket at the local ticket office.

Canoeing in the middle of a volcanic caldera

Have you ever imagined doing sports right in the center of a volcano? In Furnas it is possible. In the middle of Lagoa das Furnas, canoeing is highlighted! It is in the middle of this volcanic caldera that we feel the grandeur of the volcanoes that shaped the island of São Miguel. This is an activity for the whole family! It is ideal for having fun and connecting with the nature of the Green Island.

Our activities

In Furnas, we offer several activities in nature that allow you to enjoy the mystical Vale das Furnas to the fullest.

The canoeing activity, lasting half a day, in which we canoe in Lagoa das Furnas and take the opportunity to appreciate and observe the enormous crater of one of the volcanoes that formed the island of São Miguel. Our activity continues to the other side of the lagoon to visit the Ermida de Nossa Senhora das Vitórias, a 19th-century Neo-Gothic chapel. Later, we return to canoeing and to the starting point, next to the fumaroles. An unique experience not to be missed! Book your activity with us now here.

We offer combined activities such as canoeing with Terra Nostra, a bike tour with Terra Nostra and canoeing with the bike tour.

The combined activity of canoeing and Terra Nostra, in addition to including the canoeing activity already described, includes lunch, where you can enjoy the traditional Cozido das Caldeiras das Furnas. After lunch, a visit to Terra Nostra Park. There is a walk through the beautiful botanical garden, through its paths and alleys, followed by a thermal bath in the iron water pool. Book your activity with us now here.

The combined bike tour and Terra Nostra activity starts with the bike tour. This bicycle circuit, from low to medium levels, essentially takes place around Lagoa das Furnas. The route starts in the area of the boilers, then follows the dirt road that surrounds the lagoon. Our bike ride continues through the Lombo dos Milhos area, where you can enjoy the landscape and surrounding pastures. After this tour, lunch follows to taste the Cozido das Caldeiras das Furnas and the tour of Terra Nostra Park and bath in the thermal waters. Book your activity with us now here.

The combined activity of canoeing and bike tour begins with the bicycle activity already described. After lunch to taste the Cozido das Caldeiras das Furnas, canoeing in Lagoa das Furnas follows. Book your activity with us now.

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