Created in 2002, Picos de Aventura is a Tourist Entertainment Company that allows you to enjoy the best that the Azores have to offer. As nossas actividades, in sea and on land, let you know the best places on the island of São Miguel, involving you in a constant interaction with nature, and all that it represents, as well as the local culture and gastronomy. A nossa equipa, endowed with qualified professionals, along with its quality certification, is an added value that makes their experiences with Picos de Aventura even more enjoyable and complete. A company differs, thus, by working with small groups of visitors, in order to provide more specialized services, without harming the places where the activities take place.

Picos de Aventura - Animação e Lazer, SA., stands out on the market for organizing recreational tourism activities based on accuracy, creativity, singularity and landscape excellence., .. ., ., .. ., Our main goal is to please the requests of our guests and exceed their expectations,, providing fun moments.. To achieve the success,, our professional,, experienced and enthusiastic team works to meet the defined objectives of each activity,, never neglecting Safety,, Nature,, the Codes of Ethics and applicable Legislation.. In addition,, the briefings and the use of personal and collective safety equipment are required to live the best experience of your life.. Picos de Aventura - Animação e Lazer, S.A, is always trying to build a better Quality Management System (QMS), accordingly with our business, general process and customer satisfaction..


Marina Pêro de Teive, Avenida João Bosco Mota Amaral 9500-771 Ponta Delgada.

Marina de Angra, Loja Picos de Aventura 9700-154 Angra do Heroísmo.

+351 296 283 288

+351 912 525 356

Our Team


    Garajaudos e Garajau: boats with 10-12 meters, used in whale watching, with stocking for 24-36 passengers, power: 315 Yanmar, very comfortable and spacious, stable, suitable for older people, people with disabilities and families with children. The boats are low, which allows greater proximity to the animals, security and less feeling sick. Being able to walk on the boat and toilet facilities on board. Waterproof coats and life jackets on board.

    Gonçalo Velho e Magalhães: Barcos usados para nadar com os golfinhos, and whalewatching. Measure approximately 7,5 meters, with a capacity ranging between 8 and 12 passengers, depending on the activity. They have a power of 200 at 250 horses and are suitable for the more adventurous, providing a more dynamic and fun experience! These are stable boats, secure and allowing you to be closer to the animals. They do not have toilets, but have waterproof coats and life jackets on board

    Two vans with seating for 8 people (Mercedes Sprinter e Ford Transit). Total capacity: 16 passengers

    Scott Reflex model, very versatile and flexible, allowing to be uses in adventure programs as well as more city dwellers programs. Total capacity: 20 passengers

    Dag Sit-On-Top model with capacity for 2 persons in each canoe. Number of canoes: 18. Total capacity: 36 passengers

    Com capacidade para cerca de 100 people, é uma embarcação única que estabelece novos padrões na observação de cetáceos. Possui WC a bordo, é adaptado para indivíduos com mobilidade reduzida. É a solução perfeita para grupos, desde encontros empresariais até festas temáticas e/ou passeios, salão fechado com mesas e lugares sentados, som ambiente, cozinha e bar equipados com capacidade para servir os mais variados eventos.

    Embarcação semi-rígida de aproximadamente 9,6 meters, com uma lotação de 24 passengers. Possui uma potência de 400 cavalos, é uma embarcação indicada para os mais aventureiros, providing a more dynamic and fun experience! Trata-se de barcos estáveis, secure and allowing you to be closer to the animals.

Our fleet

  • 2 Fiber Boats
  • 2 Semi-rigid boats
  • 2 Vans
  • 20 Bicycles
  • 18 Canoes


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