São Miguel: 5 experiences not to be missed

5 Experiências a Não perder em São Miguel
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São Miguel Island is a green paradise with so much to see, feel and explore. The largest island in the Azores archipelago is distinguished by its variety of breathtaking landscapes and the diversity of adventures that you can experience in it. Find out 5 experiences you can't miss on your vacation in the Green Island.

1 - Go on a Whale Watching tour

The Azores are considered one of the largest cetacean sanctuaries in the world. In its sea it is possible to see about 27 different species throughout the year. Don't miss the opportunity to go out to the ocean and observe the marine mammals of the Azores on Whale Watching tours. These tours are a fun opportunity to get to know and admire the impressive animals that inhabit and pass through our sea. As well as being able to glimpse them from a safe distance, you can also learn more about them. Sometimes you might be surprised by an unexpected encounter! It is an activity suitable for kids and adults. Immerse yourself in the world of Whale Watching!

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blog picos de aventura 5 experiencias a nao perder em sao miguel whale watching
Whale Watching Tour

2 - Canyoning with friends

Canyoning is one of the points to be crossed off the list of those who visit São Miguel and who are looking for adventure and adrenaline! You can explore the inland and unspoiled nature of the island with your friends through this exciting activity. Imagine walking along waterways and jumping into crystal clear pools. You will also challenge your limits by descending the waterfalls using rope techniques. Experience moments of fun and pure adrenaline in a natural water park. It's a truly unforgettable adventure.

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blog picos de aventura 5 experiencias a nao perder em sao miguel canyoning
Canyoning activity in Ribeira dos Caldeirões, Nordeste

3 - Try the Cozido das Furnas

When visiting São Miguel, one of the typical dishes that you cannot miss is the famous Cozido das Caldeiras das Furnas. This one is distinguished by its unusual way of confection. All the ingredients, meats, vegetables and sausages, are placed in a pan that is buried in the volcanic soil of Caldeiras das Furnas. Food is cooked with the heat of volcanic activity. The average cooking time is about 6 hours. This cooking method gives it an unique taste. It is a traditional dish that you must try.

blog picos de aventura 5 experiencias a nao perder em sao miguel cozido das furnas
Cozido das Caldeiras das Furnas

4 - Bathe in the thermal pools

São Miguel, in addition to surprise its visitors with its incredible landscapes, is also a thermal paradise. If you want to rest your mind and body, this is the ideal destination. There are several places around the island where you can enjoy thermal baths. These are Poça da Dona Beija, Terra Nostra Park, Caldeiras Thermal Spa, Caldeira Velha Natural Monument and Ferraria Thermal Spa. The water temperatures of these thermal pools are around 37ºC. In addition to the feeling of relaxation and well-being, these iron waters bring health benefits, as they have natural therapeutic properties.

blog picos de aventura 5 experiencias a nao perder em sao miguel caldeira velha
Piscina termal no Monumento Natural da Caldeira Velha

5 - Taste the Gorreana tea

The island of São Miguel is home to the oldest tea plantation in Europe. The Gorreana Tea Factory. Here they produce black and green tea since 1883, predominantly using manual techniques. The machines they use are centuries old. The quality of their teas is due to the fact that they do not use chemical products. On your visit to Gorreana, you can taste the fantastic tea and also take a tour of the facilities and learn more about its production process. Outside, you will be enchanted by the stunning and unique landscape featuring the labyrinth of tea plantations. This is an unique place that deserves to be visited by you!

blog picos de aventura 5 experiencias a nao perder em sao miguel plantacao cha gorreana
Gorreana Tea Plantation

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